Message from Editor

We would like to inform you that 3rd issue of the 6th volume of The International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies (IJPES) has been published. This journal serves as a platform for
presenting and discussing the emerging issues on psychology and education for readers. In this issue, IJPES published has 12 articles. Many thanks to all contributors. We also cordially invite you to read
are 3rd issue of 2019 IJPES. International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies (IJPES) is an international, peer-reviewed, non-profit, professional scientific journal. IJPES is a journal that accepts
manuscripts related to psychology and educational sciences. The journal is published online three times in a year. The article being submitted should be written in English. IJPES publishes research
employing a variety of qualitative and/or quantitative methods and approaches in all areas of the education field and psychology. IJPES welcomes articles from different institutions and countries.
IJPES is supported by Educational Researches and Publications Association (ERPA).