“Know-How” to Spend Time in Home Isolation during COVID-19; Restrictions and Recreational Activities

Volume 7 - Issue 2
Pınar GÜZEL Kadir YILDIZ Melike ESENTAŞ Devrim Zerengök
Pages: 122-131 Download Count : 305 View Count: 836 DOI Number 10.17220/ijpes.2020.02.011 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study aims at identifying the emotional, physical, psychological and social states of individuals who had to stay home for a while due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to determine what kind of recreational activities they preferred during this period. We used mixed research method and composed the study group of 479 consisting 297 female and 182 male participants with non-random, convenience sampling method. Data was collected through questionnaires of open-ended qualitative questions. Findings addresses that recreational activities during long home stay in a pandemic have psychological, socio-cultural and physical benefits. Social isolation during such circumstances is known to be limiting the physical mobility of individuals and it did so in this Covid-19 pandemic process. While the main activity source was of technology of the people attended this research, we also observed that they are aware of the variety and the benefits of recreational activities at the same time. The respondents stated that the coronavirus outbreak had negative effects in terms of economical, social, psychological and physiological contexts, but with the outbreak; staying in social isolation had also positive effects on their family such as exploring new things together, happiness and spending time effectively. One other remarkable aspect is that respondents reported that they would do recreational activities soon after the social isolation period ends. In the results of the research, it is suggested that it is necessary to resort to recreational activities in order to both reduce the spreading effect of the virus in isolation at home and to overcome this process with the least negative impact, and individual and institutional efforts should be made for this.


  • Coronavirus
  • Covid-19
  • Recreation activities
  • Sport
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