Volume 6 - Issue 1
Learning Styles in the Context of Reasoning and Problem Solving Ability: An Approach based on Multivariate Analysis of Variance
Mehraj Bhat
Govt. Degree College Bijbehara

Reasoning and problem solving skills are not just for researchers; they are also progressively significant for making knowledgeable decisions in our everyday lives. Showing variations in learning styles have any influence on these skills? The current state of research address the learning styles in context of reasoning and problem solving ability. High school students (598) completed the reasoning ability test, problem solving ability test and learning style inventory. SPSS software was used for evaluating data obtained from three measurement tools. The entire three tools were validated through different techniques and found significant and acceptable. The data was analysed by using MANOVA and Scheffe’s post hoc test. The results indicated that participants showed variations in reasoning and problem solving ability while using learning styles. Moreover, students having assimilating and diverging learning styles possess better reasoning and problem solving ability skills. The results of this research will contribute to the literature of learning styles and cognitive abilities, as well as provide a wide range of implications for class room teachers, curriculum developers, researchers and educational planners.
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