Volume 5 - Issue 3
A Model for the Instructional Factors of Curatorial Teaching in Design Education
Chia-Hua , Lin
Tatung University
Hsiao-Ching Huang
Tatung University

The increased demand for design exhibitions directly reflects the demand for designer-curators to manage cultural policies and social needs. However, in the current design education system in Taiwan, no curation-related curriculum planning exists. Therefore, this study attempted to design a practical curation course focused on “designer curated exhibition” experiential learning. This study encouraged design students to consider the formation of exhibitions from a comprehensive point of view. The teaching and learning process gave rise to a model of the instructional factors of curatorial education. We found a positive correlation between “learning process and motive” and “learning effectiveness.” Moreover, positive correlations were observed between “curation theories,” “learning processes and motives,” and “curatorial experience.” This demonstrates that curatorial practice increases the curator’s ability to apply curatorial theory, and excites the curator’s motivation to learn. However, the performance of self-evaluation reflects a lack of self-confidence and recognition; this lack may be caused by the restrictions of time and space, and by the complexity of curating teamwork communication. This model will continuously be translated and validated through the curriculum in the future, and the course will encourage students’ self-learning to enhance practical teaching and planning.
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