Volume 4 - Issue 2
The Relationship Between Problem Solving and Creative Thinking Skills among Nursing Students
Canan Demir Barutcu

The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between problem solving and creative thinking skills among nursing students. This is a cross-sectional and correlational study. The sample was composed of 266 nursing students who were assessed on the creative thinking scale and problem solving inventory. The problem solving capability of students increase statistically significant levels as the grades of the students increase. The average score students get from creative thinking scale, did not show any difference due to the level of grade and all students obtained scores to be defined as “over the average creativity”. There was a moderately significant negative correlation between the scores of the two scales employed by the study. Especially higher scores on problem solving for the senior nursing students in comparison with others, is an important result proving nursing education has a positive effect on problem solving.
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