Volume 3 - Issue 3
Perceived Maternal Acceptance Rejection And Control On Primary School Children
Şerife Özbiler
Cyprus International University

Parental acceptance is important for children. Children need to receive positive responses from their parents. Based on the literature, children who are neglected by their mothers are more significantly associated with psychological and social maladjustment. On the contrary, if children are accepted by their mothers, this is connected with psychological and social adjustment in their life. This study was conducted to analyze the relationship between perceived maternal acceptance-rejection and control and psychological and social maladjustment in a sample of primary school students residing in a rural community. The main aim was to further understand the mother - child relationship and develop family school cooperation. The participants were a group of 36 primary school students aged between 9 to 11 and their 2 class teachers and a vice chair of the school in Karpaz of İskele district, North Cyprus. Demographical Information Sheet, Child/Adult: PAR/Control Mother Version Questionnaire and Conners Teacher Evaluation Scale – Revised Long Form was used. The main findings indicated that perceived maternal acceptance mean scores were higher than perceived rejection and control. Perceptions of children maternal rejection were significantly correlated with children psychological and social maladjustment. However, no significant relationships were found between mother’s education, occupation and perceived maternal acceptance, rejection and control and children’s p
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