Volume 1 - Issue 1
Adaptation of Relationship Assessment Scale to Turkish Culture: Study of Validity and Reliability
Eyüp Çelik
Sakarya Üniversitesi

The aim of this research is to examine validity and reliability of Turkish version of Relationship Assessment Scale. The results of exploratory factor analysis demonstrated that seven items loaded on single-factors and that the factor structure was harmonized with the factor structure of the original scale. Confirmatory factor analysis, chi-square (x²=52.87, sd=13, p=0.00) significantly, while indices of fit RMSEA=.097, GFI=.98, AGFI=.97, CFI=.96, IFI=.96, NFI=.95 and RFI=.92 was found. The scale’s internal consistency is .87 and Split-half is .82 and result of t-test was significant. The scale’s corrected item-total correlations is ranked from .52 to .74. Results show that the scale is a valid and reliable instrument.
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