Volume 7 - Issue 4
Evaluation of the use of Fatal Vision Goggles in the Education of Students of Health Sciences in Basic Life Support
Eva Dolenc
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences
Damjan Slabe
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences

The harmful use of alcohol is a global problem. Fatal Vision Goggles (FVG) are used within driver education programs in Slovenia for preventing drunk driving. The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ljubljana has also introduced FVG into the education of health care students. The purpose of our research is to evaluate the experience of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with FVG among students of health care. The results show that performing CPR with FVG is difficult, especially regarding correctly locating the place of chest compressions. The majority, 42 participants, reported the negative effects of alcohol. Sixteen students stated that they would not perform CPR in this condition. They stated that the experience of performing CPR with FVG is instructive (n = 39), useful (n = 35) and interesting (n = 34). The findings highlight the importance of practical learning exercises using FVG for the readiness to act in a real situation and alcohol drinking prevention.
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