Volume 8 - Issue 1
Values Education Processes in Turkish Elementary Schools: A Multiple Case Study
Halil Ekşi
Marmara University
Çınar Kaya
Kütahya Dumlupınar University

Due to the comprehensive nature of the values education process, multi-method investigations taking all stakeholders into account is of great importance. In this study, it is aimed to conduct an in-depth examination, on the effective values education programs being implemented in a private and a public secondary level educational institution in Turkey; and to compare and contrast the two cases, and to assess several indicators the processes in terms of output behaviors and attitudes. Characteristics and the efficiency of values education processes in the institutions were examined through teacher, student and parent interviews and self-report quantitative scales. The values of education processes offered by the educational institutions were examined in terms of students' value attitudes levels, and their self-report appraisals of the school climate. Also, the data on the values education competency of these institutions and the institutional culture based on teacher reports were collected through self-report questionnaires. Data were analyzed with respective procedures and the results were integratively discussed within the scope of the relevant literature. It has been seen that the values education in these schools with various unresolved issues and inadequacies, have the potential to reveal tangible results.
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