Volume 8 - Issue 1
My Homeland: Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Secondary School Students' Opinions About Homeland
Hakan Dündar
Kırıkkale University
Yasemin Erman
Math Teacher, Bishkek- Kyrgyzstan

Abstract Homeland is generally the land where one person was born and grew upand also it is a broad concept that includes language, history, culture and family ties as well as being the land that a nation freely lives on. Homeland is not only a physical space, but a strong association of cultures, arts assets, and language, religion and common past together. In this study, it was tried to determine the views of the middle school students living in the Kyrgyz Republic, whose mother or father is a Turkish citizen. This study was conducted with156 students studying in, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Middle School and in Imam Hatip Secondary School. This school, which is connected to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education and mostly chıldren contınued who are the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. In this descriptive survey model, the data were obtained from the open-ended questionnaire asked to the students. In the analysis of the data, content analysis was used. 109 students participated in the survey stated that they see Turkey as the homeland. Students were determined Kyrgyzstan and Russia as a country after Turkey. 4 themes and 9 sub-themes were formed in the direction of the students' thinking about the concept of “homeland”. In the research, each theme related to students 'responses was examined separately, and some students' thoughts were also included and interpreted.
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