Volume 8 - Issue 1
The First Attempt to Establish an Accredition System in Turkish Teacher Training History
Cemil Öztürk
Marmara University
Tuğba Kafadar
Erciyes University

Abstract The present study aimed to investigate the process of the establishment of the first accreditation system in teacher training in Turkish history. The study was designed with the phenomenology method, a qualitative research design. The study group was determined with criterion sampling, a purposive sampling method. The study data were analyzed with descriptive method. The study findings demonstrated that the participants stated that the project scope and structure were adequate based on the basic components since it was sufficient for the current conditions, it included adequate manuals based on the standards, pilot schemes were conducted, it was a systematic approach, it included reporting activities, trained evaluators, included instructions and rules, and stated that the project was inadequate due to the lack of legislation, human resources, material shortcomings, and since it contradicted the reality about the quality and quantity of the faculties of education in Turkey, it was not beneficial for the faculties of educational sciences, it becomes static due to the obligation of the compliance with curricula, the lack of sufficient number of program developers, the presence of field educators, and the inadequacy of the project workers.
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