Volume 8 - Issue 2
An Investigation into the Relationship between Nomophobia and Social and Emotional Loneliness of Turkish University Students
Deniz Mertkan GEZGİN
Trakya University
Durmuş ÜMMET
Marmara University

This research was conducted to measure the relationship and effects of social and emotional loneliness levels of university students to nomophobia levels. The sample of this study consisted of 692 university students who attended Trakya University in Edirne province of Turkey. The findings obtained in this study showed that it was observed that there was a significant relationship between the level of nomophobia of the university students and the loneliness in the familial relations, one of the sub-dimensions of social and emotional loneliness Scale. In addition, no significant relationship with nomophobia was observed regarding loneliness in social and emotional relations. In conclusion, an increase in the sense of loneliness experienced by university students in familial relationships may suggest that it increases the risk of nomophobia.
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