Volume 8 - Issue 2
Emotional Expressivity, Loneliness and Hopelessness Relationship in Adolescents
Trakya University

In this study, the model developed to investigate the relationship between emotional expressivity, loneliness and hopelessness was tested in adolescents. The sample of this study consisted of 288 high school students, 180 of whom were women and 108 of whom were men. Data were obtained using the Berkeley Expressivity Questionnaire (BEQ), The Short-form of the UCLA Loneliness Scale (ULS-8) and the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS). Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to analyze the data. The findings obtained in this study showed that there was a negative and meaningful relationship between emotional expression and loneliness and hopelessness in adolescents, emotional expression predicted loneliness and hopelessness, and there was a positive and meaningful relationship between loneliness and hopelessness and loneliness predicts hopelessness.
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