Volume 8 - Issue 2
Impacts of Project Preparation Course for Students Studying at Postgraduate Education in the Field of Educational Sciences: A National Project Example
Süleyman YAMAN
On Dokuz Mayıs University
On Dokuz Mayıs University
On Dokuz Mayıs University

This research was carried out within the scope of a Scientific Educational Activities Support Project supported by TUBITAK 2237-A. The purpose of this study is to evaluate this project in the context of participants' opinions for six days of training and examination of changes in research competencies and research intended anxieties. Twenty-four students from different graduate programs participated in the research. A questionnaire was used as a tool to collect during the interview. This study was designed by a weak experimental design. The impact of the practice in this design is tested by studies performed on a single group. Three different data collection tools were used in the research. One of these tools is the interview form, and others are graded scales. Two types of data were obtained in terms of data analysis in this study. One of these is qualitative data obtained from interview forms. The other is quantitative data obtained from graded scales. As a result of the training, almost all participants stated that they would write project and they would not be undaunted before the challenges by confronting this work.
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