Volume 8 - Issue 2
Analyzing the 9th Grade English Curricula Between 1973-2017
Duzce University
Duzce University

In 21st century, developing communication and technology usage has increased people's interest and need for English and made English a common language in many fields such as science, culture, art, and economy. In this context, important changes have been made in English curricula in Turkey like many countries. In this study, the curricula between the years 1973-2017 were examined and discussed within the framework of similarities and differences. The study is conducted by qualitative research method. The curricula were examined based on the original and official document by using document analysis. When the findings were examined, it was understood that from 1973 to 2017, students became responsible for their own learning, teachers were transformed into guides and the learning-teaching environment was tried to be created in more technological structures. It has been observed that in the curricula of 2014 and beyond, the concepts of information and communication technologies, culture and values were dominant. During the assessment process, it was observed that classical assessment methods gave way to alternative assessment methods. According to the results, since development is a holistic process, more emotional and psychomotor objectives could be included in new curricula. Student motivation can increase positively with themes that appeal to students' interests more. New technologies should be introduced into teaching-learning process.
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