Volume 8 - Issue 3
The Assessment of the Validity and Reliability of the Three-Dimensional Contribution Scale in Adults and the Analysis of the Scale with Different Variables
Abdullah ALDEMİR
On Dokuz Mayıs University
On Dokuz Mayıs University

This study has two aims: to examine the psychometric properties of the Three-Dimensional Contribution Scale in adults and to reveal how the contribution supports authenticity. To attain the first aim, a total of 198 individuals (105 females, 93 males) were included in the study. The result of the confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the scale maintained its three-factor structure. The internal consistency coefficient of the scale was determined to be.88. Regarding the criterion-related validity, a significant positive relationship was determined between the Three-Dimensional Contribution Scale and the Brief Resilience Scale. As a result, it can be said that the present scale is a valid and reliable measurement tool that can be used to determine contribution levels in adults. To accomplish the second aim of the study, a total of 383 individuals (184 females, 197 males, and two individuals with no sex specification) were enrolled in the study. The examination of the findings of the simple linear regression analysis of authenticity and the subscales of authenticity indicated that contribution supported the authentic living subscale of the authenticity positively. However, it was also found that contribution supported the self-alienation subscale of the authenticity negatively and that there was no significant relationship between the acceptance of external influences subscale and the total score of authenticity.
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