Volume 8 - Issue 3
Measuring Cognitive Engagement: An Overview of Measurement Instruments and Techniques
Shan Lİ
McGill University, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, Canada

This paper adopted an analytical perspective to review cognitive engagement measures. This paper provided a comprehensive understanding of the instruments/techniques used to measure cognitive engagement, which could assist researchers or practitioners in improving their measurement methodologies. In particular, we conducted a systematic literature search, based on which the current practice in measuring cognitive engagement was synthesized. We organized and aggregated the information of cognitive engagement measures by their types, including self-report scales, observations, interviews, teacher ratings, experience sampling, eye-tracking, physiological sensors, trace analysis, and content analysis. We provided a critical analysis of the strength and weaknesses of each measurement method. Recommendations for measuring cognitive engagement were also provided to guide future empirical work in a meaningful direction.
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