Volume 8 - Issue 3
Profiles of Academic Procrastination in Higher Education: A Cross-Cultural Study Using Latent Profile Analysis
Eren Halil ÖZBERK
Trakya University
Trakya University

Procrastination behaviour occurs when the person is obligated to do an activity, even they are not motivated to carry out the activity within the expected time frame. Literature studies define four types of procrastination: academic, decisional, life routines, and neurotic. This study focuses on academic procrastination in higher education. Academic procrastination is mainly related to delaying academic tasks such as handing in assignments and term papers or preparing for the exams at the last moment. This study compares Turkish and international students' academic and general procrastination profiles using latent profile analysis. For this purpose, latent profiles were estimated to reveal how students from different cultures are grouped according to academic and general procrastination behaviour. A total of 691 undergraduate students, 52.4% (361) Turkish and 47.6% (330) of international students registered for an academic program in higher education participated in the study. Results indicated that while Turkish students for three latent profiles defined as Tending to enjoyable Works, Neither Lessons nor Other Works and Ambition for Academic Success. On the other hand, International students only fit two latent profiles, which are defined as Academic Procrastination Tending to Enjoyable Works and Prioritizing Academic Tasks.
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