Volume 8 - Issue 3
The Effects of Authentic Learning Approach on Academic Achievement and Attitudes in Social Studies Course
Ministry of Education-KUTSO Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School
Afyon Kocatepe University

In this study, the effects of the authentic learning approach in social studies on academic achievement, retention of knowledge, and attitude towards the course were investigated. In the study, a quasi-experimental pre-test-post-test design with a non-equivalent control group was used. The study group consisted of 50 6th grade students. In the process, the authentic learning approach was used in the experimental and control group, the texts and instructions given in the course book were followed. The study data were collected by the “Social Studies Course Academic Achievement Test” and “Social Studies Course Attitude Scale”. As a result of the experimental process, it was obtained that the academic achievement levels of the students in the experimental and control groups in the social studies course increased and differed significantly compared to the pre-experimental process. It was observed that the measurement results in the follow-up studies conducted five weeks after the measurement after the application did not differ significantly from the post-test scores of the students in the control and experimental groups. The difference between the achievement test scores of both groups was significant, favouring the students in the experimental group.
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