Volume 8 - Issue 3
The Effect of The POW + C-SPACE Strategy on Writing Skills of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties Attending Classes in the Resource Room
Kırıkkale University

In this study, the POW + C-SPACE (Pick my idea - Organise my notes - Write and say more + Characters – Setting – Purpose – Action – Conclusion - Emotions) strategy shaped on the basis of the Self-Regulated Strategy Development Model (SRSDM) was presented through teachers working in the resource room, to evaluate the effects on story-writing skills of the students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD). The study was designed with the multiple probe model with probe phase between subjects. The independent variable of the research is the POW + C-SPACE strategy presented through the teachers working in the resource room. The dependent variable is the story writing levels of the children with SLD who are educated in the resource room. The study group consists of three teachers and their students with SLD in the resource room. The POW + C-SPACE strategy was presented to the students with SLD through the teachers working in the resource room. As a result of the study, it was concluded that when the teachers in the resource room presented the POW + C-SPACE strategy, it effectively developed the students' story writing skills.
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