Volume 8 - Issue 0
Investigation of Burnout Levels of School Administrators and Teachers in the COVID-19 Epidemic Process
Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Education, Istanbul, Turkey
Gülenay Nagihan KILIÇ
Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Education, Istanbul, Turkey
Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Faculty of Education, Istanbul, Turkey
Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Education, Istanbul, Turkey

Due to the COVID -19 epidemic in the world, the change in the working conditions of individuals has started to cause a change in the level of burnout. Teachers are also one of the occupational groups whose working conditions have changed the most during the epidemic and their burnout level has also changed. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the impact of the epidemic COVID -19 on the burnout level of teachers and to examine it in relation to different variables. The study was designed using descriptive survey design which is one of the quantitative research approaches. The sample of the study was determined using simple random sampling method. The sample consists of 573 school administrators and teachers working in public and private elementary and secondary schools in Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul in the school year 2020-2021. In this study, Maslach Burnout Scale was used as a data collection tool. The data were analyzed statistically using frequency, percentage and arithmetic mean to analyze the data. The t-test was used to determine the relationship between the burnout level of the participants and the variables of gender, marital status, and education level. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to examine the relationship between participants' burnout levels and the variables of occupational seniority, age, school type, job title, and status. Post-hoc Tukey analysis was conducted to identify the groups with differences.
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