Volume 8 - Issue 4
Investigating University Students’ Perceptions About Two Different Cases of Foreign Language Courses
Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University
Kırşehir Ahi Evran University

This study investigates university students’ perceptions of two different cases of foreign language courses conducted in L1&L2 and in only L2. This qualitative study was conducted as a multiple case study. The data were obtained via a semi structured and analysed through content analysis. The study mainly revealed the students had overwhelmingly positive feelings about the courses in only L2 as in the second case. They explained some (dis)advantages about both cases of the courses in terms of efficiency, contribution to their vocabulary/grammar knowledge and listening /speaking skills. The frequency levels of both advantages and disadvantages regarding both cases stated by the students were so close. Based on the findings, it can be suggested that a student-teacher driven policy should be implemented to assist the process in using L1 appropriately and necessarily based on the students’ perceptions and preferences.
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