Volume 8 - Issue 4
Irrational Beliefs in Parenting Behaviors: Comparison of Turkish and Syrian Parents
Gaziantep University
Minister of National Education, Gaziantep
Ahmet BUĞA
Gaziantep University

This study aims to examine the irrational beliefs of Turkish and Syrian parents about parenting behaviors. The study was conducted with 22 mothers and eight fathers whose children are in kindergarten. Content analysis method was used for the analysis of the data acquired within the scope of the study. Four different cases were presented to the mothers and fathers in the study that they can encounter while raising their children. They were asked questions on their beliefs, emotions, and behaviors when faced with these circumstances. The first result obtained from the study findings is that the mothers made more irrational evaluations in all four scenarios than the fathers. Another finding from the study is the similarity of responses to all scenarios from Turkish and Syrian mothers. In summary, in line with the ranking of gender inequality in Turkey, fathers may have identified with a more masculine role and therefore tend not to see themselves as responsible for the care, upbringing and possible problems related to their children.
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