Volume 8 - Issue 4
The Predictors of Work-Related Stress: Organizational Justice and Fatalism
Özgür ÖNEN
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University

The purpose of the current study is to understand the relationship between organizational justice and the effect of the fatalism on work related stress. Although, organizational justice has been found to be a significant predictor of the work related stress in previous studies, fatalism which can be related with work related stress and organizational justice as well, has not been studied before together. In this correlational study, organizational justice, four dimensions of fatalism and job type were considered as predictors and work-related stress was the criterion variable. In total, 100 academics and 66 support staff have participated to this study. Multiple regression analysis with backward elimination was conducted. Results indicated that organizational justice, job type and luck were significant predictors of the work-related stress. While an increase on organizational justice perceptions lowers the work-related stress, luck and work-related stress seem increasing together. Additionally, academic personnel have higher stress levels than support staff. However, superstition, personal control, and predetermination dimensions of the fatalism were not found to be significantly associated with work related stress. Policy improvements were offered in line with the findings and recommendations for future studies were prescribed in discussion.
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