Volume 8 - Issue 4
The Effect of Psychodrama on Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Case Report
Istanbul Aydin University

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain syndrome that often coexists with common musculoskeletal pain, sleep disorders, bowel syndrome, mood disorders, and fatigue. Although the aetiology of FMS pain has not been elucidated yet, psychotherapy methods are used in addition to physical methods to treat these pains. This study aims to examine the effect of psychodrama on a 62-year-old patient with back and chest pain and who lived alone. This patient participated in psychodrama group psychotherapy with 8 members who were all female and diagnosed with FMS. An informed consent form was obtained from the case for the study. This research is important because there are very few studies on fibromyalgia complaints with psychodrama group therapy, and it contributes to the literature. Studying the case with past trauma and losses in the psychodrama scene has led to a significant reduction in fibromyalgia complaints. As a result, the patient's pain level decreased from 90% to 32.5%, and the anxiety level decreased from advanced to normal. Thus, psychodrama group psychotherapy was found to be effective in reducing FMS pain.
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