Volume 9 - Issue 1
Analysing the Effects of Assessment and Evaluation Applications and Exam Formats in Distance Education
Erdi Okan YILMAZ
Usak University
Türker TOKER
Usak University

This study examines the online assessment-evaluation activities in distance education processes. The effects of different online exam application styles considering the online assessment-evaluation in distance education processes, including all programs of a higher education institution, were documented. The population for online assessment-evaluation activities, exam types, and student achievement scores comprised 3830 courses by 805 academics over the Uşak University learning management system and 29511 students. organisThe data were analysed with descriptive statistics and t-tests for comparisons. It was found that academics preferred multiple-choice exam formats more than online assignments or classical (written) ones. Moreover, students' success scores in multiple-choice exams were significantly higher than exams including open-ended questionsIt was also found that average exam success was higher when the questions were presented as separate but as a group. The findings were discussed and reported with a literature review.
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