Volume 9 - Issue 2
The Role of Workplace Spirituality in Reducing Organizational Hypocrisy in Schools
Bünyamin AĞALDAY
Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey

This research aimed to investigate the relationship between workplace spirituality and organizational hypocrisy from teachers' perspectives. The study employed a cross-sectional quantitative survey design. The data for the research was collected from 276 teachers working at lower secondary schools in Turkey. Stepwise multiple regression was performed in the analysis to identify the predictive power of workplace spirituality dimensions for organizational hypocrisy dimensions. The findings suggest that workplace spirituality significantly predicts organizational hypocrisy. In the model, the highest explanatory power of the total variation belonged to workplace spirituality's self-perception, meaningful work, and organizational values dimensions. Consequently, this research emphasizes the importance of workplace spirituality in reducing the effects for schools that have to act hypocritically. This research is the first research on the potential impact of workplace spirituality on organizational hypocrisy behavior in schools. In this context, it was concluded that workplace spirituality was important in reducing perceptions related to hypocritical behavior displayed by school administrations among teachers in the schools.
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