Volume 9 - Issue 2
A Research on the Environmental Identities and Environmental Risk Perceptions of Classroom and Science Teachers According to Different Variables
İnönü University, Turkey
Hasan OTLU
Ministry of National Education, Turkey

Environmental identity in human environmental behaviour expresses the extent to which the person relates to the environment while defining himself or herself. The relationship between human and the environment is mutual, and human's understanding of environment is essential to the environment. Perception of environmental risk is subjective because it is about personal view of environmental risk. The purpose of this study is to evaluate classroom teachers' and science teachers' perceptions of environmental risks based on several variables. For this purpose, a total of 309 classroom and science teachers participated in the study. The instruments used for data collection were the Environmental Identity Scale and the Environmental Risk Perception Scale. Both descriptive and inferential analyses were conducted on the data obtained. The analyses conducted revealed that environmental identity and environmental risk perception were high among teachers, there were no differences between subjects, and there was a positive relationship between environmental identity and environmental risk perception.
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