Volume 9 - Issue 2
The Moderation Role of Need of Social Acceptance on the Relationships between Gender Roles and Sexual Quality
Pamukkale University, Turkey
Pamukkale University, Turkey

This study aimed to investigate the mediating role of the need for social acceptance in relation to the relationship between gender roles and sexual quality. The study was conducted with 576 participants aged 18 to 65 years who were married or in a relationship. Due to the pandemic, the scales were made available to participants through online platforms. The Personal Information Questionnaire was used to obtain participants' demographic data, the Gender Roles Scale (GRS) to measure their gender perceptions, the New Sexual Satisfaction Scale (NSS) to determine the quality of their sexuality, the Social Approval Need Scale (SANS) to determine their social approval needs. The data were analyzed using the SPSS 25.0 program. According to ANOVA and t-test results, demographic variables differed according to gender roles, sexuality quality, and social approval needs. A positive and negative correlation was found between gender roles and the sexuality quality variable with social approval. As a result of the intermediary variable analysis, it was found that the need for social approval plays an intermediary role in the relationship between gender roles and sexuality quality. The findings were discussed in the context of the results in the field.
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