Volume 9 - Issue 3
Adaptation of The Triarchic Model of Grit Scale and Perceived Academic Underachievement Scale into Turkish
Amasya University, Turkey
Fatih CAN
Amasya University, Turkey
Selçuk University, Turkey

This study aimed to adapt the Triarchic Model of Grit Scale (TMGS) and Perceived Academic Underachievement Scale (PAUS) to a Turkish state university context and provide evidence of its validity.. The relationships between the scales were also examined. The data of this study was obtained from three different study groups consisting of college students attending a state university located in the Middle Black Sea Region of Turkey. The psychometric properties of the PAUS were examined with the first study group, the psychometric properties of the TMGS were examined with the second study group, and the relationships between both scales and their relations to academic self-efficacy were examined with the third study group. Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, and Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient were used to analyze data. Results showed that both scales have sufficient validity and reliability. Furthermore, there was a negative relationship between grit and perceived underachievement, a positive relationship between grit and academic self-efficacy, and a negative relationship between perceived underachievement and academic self-efficacy. These findings suggest that adapted scales are valid and reliable measurement tools that can be used to determine perceived academic underachievement and grit levels among adults and teacher candidates.
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