Volume 9 - Issue 3
Turkish Version of the Silencing the Self in School Scale: Validity and Reliability Study for Emerging Adults
Atatürk University, Turkey
Figen ÇOK
Başkent University, Turkey

The purpose of this study is to adapt the STSIS Scale to Turkish and to investigate its psychometric qualities. The scale comprises 22 items and three variables (self-silencing, divided self, and putting the teacher first).The study participants comprised 298 young adults with a mean age of 21.09 years. Utrecht Work Engagement Scale-Student Form, Negative Affect Schedule, and Perception Form for Life Skills were used to evaluate the scale's criterion validity. The construct validity was investigated using confirmatory factor analysis. In addition, test-retest and internal consistency coefficients were examined to evaluate the scale's reliability. The Turkish version of the scale consisted of three subdimensions related to the Negative Affect Schedule and Perception Form for Life Skills. In addition, reliability values for the scale were satisfactory. The internal consistency coefficient was .89, the composite reliability was .97, and the test-retest validity coefficient was .86. According to these findings, the Turkish version of the STSIS Scale is a valid and reliable tool for use with young adults.
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