Volume 9 - Issue 3
Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions and Anxiety: The Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence
Gümüşhane University, Turkey
Feridun KAYA
Atatürk University, Turkey

In this study, interpersonal cognitive distortions and emotional intelligence were identified as predictors of anxiety. In this regard, this study was conducted to describe the connections among interpersonal cognitive distortions, anxiety, and emotional intelligence and disclose the mediation of emotional intelligence between interpersonal cognitive distortions and anxiety. A total of 235 university students (135 females and 100 males) were surveyed for the correlational model in the study. The Beck Anxiety Inventory, the Schutte Emotional Intelligence Test, a Personal Information Form, and the Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions Scale were utilized for collecting the data. According to the findings, emotional intelligence, interpersonal cognitive distortions, and anxiety have statistically significant negative correlations. Furthermore, it was found that interpersonal cognitive distortions had a positive and statistically significant correlation with anxiety. Based on the mediation analyses conducted in the study, it was determined that the association between interpersonal cognitive distortions and anxiety was partially mediated by emotional intelligence. As a result, the indirect influence of interpersonal cognitive distortions on anxiety is statistically significant. Experts who design programs to help persons with anxiety and who study family therapy are expected to benefit from the findings of the study.
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