Volume 9 - Issue 3
The Predictive Role Of The Primary School Teachers’ Educational Beliefs On Their Curriculum Design Orientation Preferences
Serkan ASLAN
Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey

Educational beliefs influence teachers' designing teaching environment, teaching methods and techniques they apply in the classroom, the strategies they use in classroom management and the measurement-evaluation tools they prefer. In this regard, teachers' educational beliefs can be said to affect their curriculum design orientations. Curricula play a significant role in raising individuals within a country. Hence, teachers' educational beliefs also have an impact on raising students. This study sheds light on whether there is a relationship between primary school teachers' educational beliefs and their curriculum design orientation preferences and whether their education beliefs predict curriculum design orientation preferences. One of the survey models used in this study was the correlational survey model. The stratified sampling approach was used to select 515 primary school teachers for the study. The "Educational Beliefs Scale" and the "Curriculum Design Orientation Preference Scale" were used to collect data for the study.Correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis were used during data analysis. The findings revealed a medium and low level relationship between the primary school teachers’ education beliefs and their curriculum design orientation preferences.
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