Volume 9 - Issue 4
Opinions of Parents in Rural Areas on Homework: A Case Study
Celalettin ÇELEBİ
Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey

One of families' roles and responsibilities for their children is participation in their education. Family participation in the educational processes of their children can sometimes be helping the children with their homework. The purpose of this study is to determine the opinions of parents living in rural areas about their children's homework.This research is a case study, one of the qualitative research designs. The data have been collected from 27 parents living in rural areas of Konya in May 2021. The data, collected through the semi-structured interview form, have been analysed using the descriptive analysis method. According to the findings, parents believe that homework reinforces learning, encourages study, and ensures that knowledge is retained.They also think that homework is useful because it increases student success in courses, and reinforces learning. While the majority of parents state that their children do not spend more time on homework than necessary, a significant number of parents are of the opposite opinion. Most of the parents stated that they check their children's homework. While some parents stated that they did not have problems with their children as far as their homework was concerned, some parents stated that they had problems with their children about the homework. According to parents, children are bored and reluctant because they do not like homework, they think it is unnecessary and excessive.
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