Volume 9 - Issue 4
How to Enhance Occupational Health and Safety Practices in Schools: An Analysis Through the Eyes of School Principals
Ministry of National Education, Bursa, Turkey

School principals are responsible for occupational health and safety (OHS) issues that may arise, and they play a critical role in ensuring that health and safety procedures in schools.The purpose of this study is to determine how occupational health and safety practices in schools can be improved with reference to the views of school principals. Twenty-one principals from kindergarten, primary, secondary and high schools participated in this qualitative research. The research data were collected via official documents and semi-structured interviews. Document and content analyses were utilized to examine the data. At the end of the research, the findings show that the OHS activities for school administrations are listed under the following headings: 'Occupational health and safety services', 'training and information, 'emergency drills', 'projects and activities, 'chemical waste and zero waste project', 'audit, guidance and supervision activities', 'health observation', 'precautions, measurements, safety and periodic checks', 'notifications', and 'OHS module'. The expectations of school administrations from senior management for the development of OHS practices address budget/financial support; directing the solutions to the school; the appointment of an OHS specialist, health and security personnel; more training, seminars, audit and technical support; cooperation among institutions. However, school administrators are expected to properly follow work.
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