Volume 9 - Issue 4
The Problem of Student Absenteeism, Its Impact on Educational Environments, and The Evaluation of Current Policies
Ministry of National Education, Ankara, Turkey
Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

Student absenteeism continues to be one of the most significant impediments preventing educational institutions from reaching their objectives.. This study aimed to evaluate the present status of student absenteeism, its impacts on educational environments, and the relevant policies available. The study group of the research, which was conducted in 2019, and used the basic qualitative research design, consisted of 22 participants who were teachers, administrators, experts, and inspectors working in different parts of Turkey. The data were collected through a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers. According to the participants, absenteeism negatively affects students’ academic and social development. It damages the relationships between the student and teacher and the relationship between the school and the parents. Teachers face difficulties in classroom management due to deficiencies in learning, and schools deviate from their goals. School administrators lose time dealing with absenteeism procedures instead of engaging in educational subjects, and thus, their resources become wasted. To prevent absenteeism, intervention should be considered primarily about students at risk through an early warning system, precautions that are appropriate to the region should be taken, and collaborations with stakeholders are recommended.
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