Volume 7 - Issue 3
Pre-service Mathematics Teachers Created Animated Stories to Improve their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Nilgun Gunbas
Kafkas University

In an attempt to improve pre-service mathematics teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), pre-service teachers (N=52) were trained in creating technology-based mathematics teaching materials. Pre-service mathematics teachers learned visual programming to create computer-based animated stories in this study. They worked in pairs and created animated stories, which are intended to improve fourth grade students’ mathematics word problem solving. Six of these pre-service teachers were willingly participated in this study and observed students completing two animated stories in actual classroom environments. The purpose was to investigate the value of their work and provide advice with regard to improve their TPACK. The pre-service teachers (n=6) were interviewed within a qualitative research framework. This study reveals the pre-service teachers´ opinions and beliefs regarding various aspects of the projects, such as students´ interest, students´ performance, as well as the teachers´ professional, pedagogical and individual improvement. The pre-service teachers are convinced that teaching with the use of technology support students’ learning and that technology use in the classrooms is valuable. As a result, it can be confirmed that the process helped them improve their TPACK.
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