Volume 7 - Issue 2
A validity and reliability study of the Basic STEM Skill Levels Perception Scale
Özgen Korkmaz
Amasya Un
Recep Çakır
Amasya Un
Feray Uğur Erdoğmuş
Amasya Un.

The aim of this study is to develop a perception scale related to the possible basic skills that can be gained through STEM. Participants of this study were 723 university students. In this study, descriptive survey study was conducted. To identify validity of the scale exploratory factor analysis, cumulative item factor, corrected correlations and item discrimination were calculated. For reliability internal consistency and stability level were calculated. Collected data were analyzed in terms of arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t and ANOVA. The scale is a 7-point likert-type scale which consists of 43 items under 3 factors. Data analysis results showed that this scale is valid and reliable for measuring students’ STEM skills according to their perceptions.
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