Volume 7 - Issue 1
Turkish as a Foreign Language Learners’ Language Learning Skills Related Problems
Gökçen Göçen
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf Üniversitesi
Alpaslan Okur
Sakarya University

Number of studies on teaching Turkish as a foreign language (TFL) has increased along with the increasing number of foreign students in Turkey. Turkish is intended to be taught more effectively and efficiently through scientific studies and development of the materials that can be used in teaching process. The problems that are encountered in this process form a basis for scientific studies and material development. Detecting such problems enables production of researches on lessening and eliminating the problems, finding solutions, and providing recommendations. In this sense, it is important to detect the problems related to language learning skills in teaching TFL. Therefore, it is aimed to detect the problems of the TFL learners related to language learning skills in this study. For this purpose, the data were collected with a form consisting of open-ended questions and the form was filled in by B1-B2 level learners studying Turkish at Turkish Language Teaching Research and Application Center at Sakarya University. The data were analyzed through content analysis. Learners’ reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills related problems as well as the ones related to learning grammar rules and new words are presented under themes and subthemes as the results of the study.
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