Volume 6 - Issue 2
The Romanian Version of the Revised Youth Purpose Survey (RYPS): Psychometric Evaluation for Emerging Adults
Beatrice Adriana Balgiu
University Politehnica of Bucharest, România

The present article looks into the psychometric properties of the Revised Youth Purpose Survey (RYPS) in the case of a group of Romanian students emerging adults (N = 500). RYPS is a ten‐item scale made of two sub‐scales which measure Purpose Exploration (4 items) and Purpose Commitment (6 items). Confirmatory factorial analysis indicated an adequate fit of a two‐factor model (GFI = .96; AGFI = .94; RMSEA = .057). This structure was confirmed and it was invariant for gender. Cronbachʹs alpha coefficients show good internal consistency: .87 (Purpose Exploration subscale) and .77 (Purpose Commitment subscale). The correlations of both scales of RYPS with validation measures of psychological and subjective well‐being and of identity orientations were positive, indicating good convergent validity. The study validated the conceptual vision of the authors of the instruments in a previously unstudied cultural context.
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